VitaliKor Fast Acting Formula All Natural Male Enhancement — 40 Capsules

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VitaliKor is highly effective and should only be taken before sexual activity, not on a daily basis…unless you're that lucky! Works Fast!take 1-2 hours before sexual activity Sexual Performance!guaranteed noticeable improvement Confidence Booster! Ultimate Freedom!VitaliKor is always ready when you are!

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  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 3.6 x 4.8 inches ; 12 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
  • Origin: ┬áMade in USA or Imported
  • ASIN: B007AOQ2X8
  • UPC: 609613351594
  • Item model number: Fast Acting

Customer Reviews

pretty good, needs more potency

 March 28, 2013
By Seth
There a ton of male enhancement products on the market and because they are not scrutinized very closely by the FDA, you end up with a bunch of snake oils and useless potions on the market. If you are looking to increase the size of your “package” then your out of luck, short of surgery or a magic genie in a bottle.

If you are looking to significantly increase the blood flow to your “extremities” and feel every sensation as if it were magnified by 1,000 times while at the same time feeling like you are in total control of your ability to last as long as you want in the bedroom, then you need to look no further than a few necessary ingredients which will get the job done for you.

This product has a few of these ingredients but the issue is and I learned this after I took them, is that the amount of each ingredient is not high enough. Therefore I felt some of what is promised but definitely not all of it. I supplemented a separate source of tribulus powder at the end of this bottle, and right away I could notice the difference. I then began taking another product which came with the tribulus and also contained the higher dosage of ingredients I was looking for, Pro-Player Elite [Peak Sexual Enhancement for Men] + Free 25 Grams Tribulus Terrestris 90% Supplement Powder. These pills were pretty intense, especially with the tribulus that I am taking with it.

Just don’t expect your package to grow ten inches because that won’t happen, I don’t care what you take. But if you’re looking for a pretty significant increase in pleasure and stamina, then I would recommend looking into the ingredients before looking at the advertisement.

First bottle worked great – the second one bottle did nothing

 June 7, 2013
By CFShooter
I love it when I’m taking it from a good batch. My first bottle was from lot number M50Q, exp. 3/2016 and it worked beyond exceptional. I felt it working in about 20 minutes and had a full-fledged erection a few minutes later. My wife also loves it. I take two at a time and have had amazing results every time so far. I’m harder then I remember being in a long time. The effect lasts for a day or so. I only have eight left in the “good” bottle. My second bottle didn’t work at all. It is lot number 133035, exp.3/2015. I tried it three times (two at a time) and it had no effect what so ever. For me there is no maybe or partial effect on this. The first bottle worked beyond my expectations the second did nothing. Both came from Action Development Group through Amazon. Are you listening Vitality Research Labs? You can’t seem to answer my message to you. I returned the second bottle to Amazon and received a full refund. I would like to buy more but need to get some that work. My experience is the same as some other reviewers as far as lot and expiration dates. If you get a bad batch you have to return it. This needs to cost someone something. This outfit has a good product but they need to quit screwing around with it and increase their quality control. Maybe they could hire me to test it?

Update 6-23-16:
There is good stuff out there. After having one good bottle (M50Q, exp. 3-2016), one bad bottle (133035, Exp. 3-2015), I got some directly from the Vitalikor web site – The new bottle is lot # D52Q, exp. 5-2016, and I found that the new one works great. At least as good as M50Q. I had contacted and asked about the problems. They knew about some problems, have read some reviews, and have been checking. She said they had good reviews on the new lots of fact acting Vitalikor. I got some from them at $47.99 and free shipping. It does work fine, no side effects for me, and lasts into the next day. It certainly works as good as my first bottle. I’ve tried it several times now. I think the bad bottle was a counterfeit. If you get ones with a 01-2015 or 03-2015 exp. date send them back for a refund – unopened. I think they have been established as not working. The two listed above have been established as good ones.

Great as long as you get the good batch

 June 20, 2013
By John
Okay, so I’ve been using Vitalikor for about a year now. Purchased my first bottle from the local GNC. It has worked great for me ever since I started taking it. The first few times I took it, it did, however, give me a headache. I can’t remember the last time it gave me a headache, though. So anyway, about a month ago, my Vitalikor quit working. I couldn’t figure it out. This was the first time it had happened since I started taking it. I was in quite the predicament. My girlfriend doesn’t know I use/need these. I was too afraid to have sex, becasue I knew I wouldnt be able to perform like I should. So I just assumed that Vitalkor no longer worked for me anymore. I thought that maybe I took it too much (5 times a week ) and my body had just gotten used to it. I tried a couple of other pills, but they really didn’t do much for me. So then I was really starting to panic. That was until I came accross people talking about “bad batches”. So, I ordered two more bottles from amazon. One came from “ToysNGamesEtc” and the other came from “Action Development Group”. The one from “toysNgames” is Lot#M50Q Exp: 03/2016. The one from “action development” has no Lot# but on the bottom of the bottle, it has a date of 03-2015. And the numbers 033002. Anyway, I reaad that Lot# M50Q was a good batch and I can confirm that Lot# M50Q is indeed AMAZING! I was really worried too, for I wasn’t sure if I would be able to perform like I wanted. But because of a previous post saying good things about the M50Qs, I popped two in my mouth. And wow…all I’ll say is that it was a great night. But because I can’t really tell if it’s working or not until game time, it’s kind of risky (if you know what I mean). It’s kind of hard to try other pills since she doesn’t know I take these. It would be kind of hard to explain why I’m not in the “mood”. Therefore, I’m a little worried to even try this other bottle. Bottomline, we at least know that batch M50Q works and I’m gonna keep looking for those.

Works Better Than Cialis

 June 3, 2013
By A. Willis
A friend told me about VitaliKor a few months ago. I decided to buy it and try it and I’m glad I did. My experience with this product is that it works better than my experience with Cialis. I have also had no side effects. Good product.

Works Great, if You Get the Actual Product That is

 May 6, 2013
By Ben Dover "You’re Gay"
I discovered this product just by browsing the ‘male enhancement’ section of Amazon and saw how this offered 40 pills for a relatively low price, and after reading some positive reviews, figured I’d take the risk and see how it worked out. And after two bottles, and lots of great love making later, I was not hesitant to make this a new supplement I would use indefinitely.

It makes me flush, but not terribly, but it does make it kind of obvious I took something. My head gets a little tight, not exactly a headache, but to me that’s an indication of good male enhancement, as every quality pill gave me this same feeling. My erection quality is GREAT! So good I’m afraid I might pop a vein down there because its so hard and tight. I take two at a time usually, and the effects easily lasts two, and sometimes even three days.

Now on to the bad.

As I’ve experienced several times online with other quality pills that usually never fail to do their duty, I was scammed with a recent purchase of this product, and I purchased it through Amazon, first time I received a bogus product from here. You can tell if this product is legitimate just by the color of the pills. The good ones have a light, sky blue tint to them, while the placebo pills are a considerably darker shade of blue, plus the counterfeit bottle didn’t have the expiration date stamped on, which was a clear giveaway. So to all the people who claimed this product didn’t do anything, odds are you were ripped off, and you should demand a refund and report the seller for the fraud they are. This is a great product that could easily change your sex life if you get the real deal.

P.S. I also recommend taking an L-Arginine supplement as well to boost the effects even more. Take male enhancement pills with a glass of grapefruit juice too, which is a tip I heard from Ron Jeremy himself!


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